Warlock - Game Progression/Develoment - 07th of April, 2020

Warlock - Game Progression/Develoment

Game Progress - Development Log

This development log is going to be merely screenshots showing the progression of the game over a series of dates:

March 7 to March 9

March 10 to March 16

March 17 to March 23

March 24 to March 30

March 31st to April 7

That should give an idea of the progress of the game over a period of approximately 30 days.

Game Progress - 10th of April, 2020

Game Progress

9th April - 10th April

Continued progress...

Game Development Progress - 20th of April, 2020

Game Development Progress

As of the 20th of April 2020 I am happy to say the game appears to be complete.

At this stage I can think of no further features, nor any polish that I can add without paying an artist of such to create better visuals.

There is nothing I really need to add to the game - there is always room for more spells and items and such - however at this point it is very much complete and fun to play.

Therefore I declare the game complete.

Bug fixes and such will continue when necessary however now is the time to sit back and enjoy playing it.