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     <string name="packagename">com.lloydm.geosword</string>
     <string name="app_name">Star Dancer</string>
    <string name="versionnum">1.30h</string>
    <string name="basiccontentdescription">Image</string>
    <string name="numteams">Number of Teams</string>
    <string name="gamename">Name of Game</string>
    <string name="gamepassword">Game Password</string>
    <string name="gameenddate">Game Ends In</string>
    <string name="btngamecreate">Create Game</string>    
    <string name="back">Back</string>
    <string name="campaignmap">Campaign Map</string>
    <string name="team1">EarthHope</string>
    <string name="team2">AioSenti</string>
    <string name="team3">Mars Colony VI</string>
    <string name="team4">Hushami Corp</string>
    <string name="team5">White Team</string>
    <string name="team6">Black Team</string>
    <string name="team7">Outlanders</string>
    <string name="team8">Orange Team</string>
    <string name="enter">Enter Warzone</string>
    <string name="authusername">Username</string>
    <string name="authpassword">Password</string>
    <string name="authscreenname">Call sign</string>
    <string name="authlogin">Login</string>
    <string name="authregister">New Player</string>

    <string name="newgame">CREATE GAME</string>
    <string name="joingame">JOIN GAME</string>
    <string name="contgame">CONTINUE GAME</string>
    <string name="opts">OPTIONS</string>
    <string name="choosecontinuesession">Continue Session</string>

    <string name="ingamefleets">Fleets</string>
    <string name="ingamenews">News</string>
    <string name="ingameresearch">Research</string>
    <string name="ingametime">Remaining Time</string>
    <string name="fleet_attack">Attack with Fleet</string>
    <string name="fleet_ai_button">AI</string>
    <string name="updateaisettings">Update Settings</string>

    <string name="hullstrength">Armour:</string>
    <string name="shipdata">Ship Information:</string>
    <string name="buildprogress">Construction Progress:</string>
    <string name="shiptypename">Ship Class:</string>
    <string name="maxvel">Velocity:</string>
    <string name="minvel">Minimum Velocity:</string>
    <string name="maxaccel">Acceleration:</string>
    <string name="cputime">AI CPU Rating:</string>
    <string name="kills">Kills:</string>
    <string name="totfire">Firepower:</string>
    <string name="weapondata">Weapon Data:</string>
    <string name="weaponname">Weapon Type:</string>
    <string name="weapondamage">Firepower:</string>

    <string name="attackteam">Choose Opponent:</string>
    <string name="attackthisteam">Launch Attack:</string>
    <string name="simulateattack">Simulate Attack:</string>
    <string name="battleresult">Results:</string>
    <string name="researchedtechs">Researched Technologies:</string>
    <string name="availabletechs">Available To Research:</string>

    <string name="mobility">Mobility</string>
    <string name="offense">Firepower</string>
    <string name="defense">Defenses</string>
    <string name="economy">Construction</string>
    <string name="cap">Capital Ship</string>
    <string name="crs">Cruisers</string>
    <string name="fgt">Fighters</string>
    <string name="bmb">Bombers</string>
    <string name="invitefriends">Send Invite</string>
    <string name="invitescreentxt">This is the password for your game session. Use it to invite your friends to play.</string>
    <string name="invitescreentxterr">Sorry - something has gone wrong and your game session key was not generated.</string>    
    <string name="sendinvite">Send Invite</string>
    <string name="sendchooser">Send Invitation</string>
    <string name="sharereplay">Share Replay</string>
    <string name="sharesubject">Shared With You - Star Dancer Game Battle Replay</string>
    <string name="invitesubject">Invitation to join Star Dancer game session</string>
    <string name="tmpview">(tmp)Model Viewer</string>

    <string name="replayhelp1">Tap Listing to View Replay</string>
    <string name="replayhelp2">Hold Listing to Share Replay</string>
    <string name="researchhelp1">Tap Button to Set Research Focus</string>
    <string name="planethelp1">Tap Enemy Planet Ring To Launch Attack</string>
    <string name="planethelp2">Your fleet was eliminated before launch</string>
    <string name="planethelp3">Enemy fleet eliminated - updating map</string>
    <string name="credits">Credits</string>
    <string name="inrepairs">Repairing Ship(s)</string>
    <string name="tablet">tablet</string>
    <string name="phone">phone</string>
    <string name="geekystats">Tips And Info</string>

    <string name="s12b">Earth Hope\'s Capital Class Cruiser is fitted with 6 forward mounted beam weapons for combating enemy capital ships as well as being mounted with 20 flak cannons along its length to target enemy light fighters and bombers.</string>    
    <string name="s11b">Earth Hope\'s Standard Cruiser is fitted with 6 heavy beam weapons suitable for combating enemy capital ships. It has no defence against smaller, one manned fighters.</string>    
    <string name="s13b">The Earth Hope Interceptor/Bomber is fitted with 4 light rapid firing lasers. It is a general purpose medium combat vessel.</string>    
    <string name="s14b">The Earth Hope Strike Fighter is fitted with 2 light rapid firing lasers. It functions as the lighter, smaller brother of the Interceptor.</string>    

    <string name="s22b">AioSenti\'s cruisers are fitted with 4 forward mounted beams for long range combat as well as 2 batteries of shorter forward mounted ranged general purpose burst lasers. This ship class is also fitted with a limited number(80) of rapid firing cluster rockets perfect for close encounters.</string>    
    <string name="s21b">AioSenti\'s capital ship is fitted with 4 massive beam cannons purely for combating enemy cruisers.</string>    
    <string name="s23b">The AioSenti Hunter/Bomber is armed with a single pair of mini beam cannons. Their rate of fire is very low however their damage is considerably potent.</string>    
    <string name="s24b">The AioSenti Scythe Fighter is a lightly armed vessel equipped with 2 rapid firing light lasers.</string>    
    <string name="s32b">Mars Colonial cruisers are equipped with an identical loadout to the capital cruiser however the available power to these weapons is lower.</string>    
    <string name="s31b">Mars Colonial forces prefer to equip their cruiser class ships with high damage, but low rate of fire weapons. Their capital ship is no exception to the rule with 4 Plasma Cannons, 2 Plasma Pulse Guns and 2 Plasma Beams.</string>    
    <string name="s33b">The Mars Colonial forces Cruiser Killer/Bomber is equipped with a limited number (6) of high powered rockets perfect for targeting enemy cruisers. It is also armed with 2 light plasma weapons for taking on smaller targets.</string>    
    <string name="s34b">The Mars Colonial forces Fighter sports a pair of light plasma cannons which fire in pulses doing heavy damage.</string>    
    <string name="s42b">As with Hushami\'s capital class cruiser, the standard cruisers also carry their experimental and disruptor weapons.</string>    
    <string name="s41b">Hushami\'s weapons are a bit of a mystery to the other factions. Although their damage effect is light, they are capable of draining the power reserves from enemy ships and disrupting their target\'s control of their engines.</string>    
    <string name="s43b">The Hushami Tiger Bomber is armed with a limited number of swarmer rockets(60) which are usually fired as a first option. Their secondary weapon is a set of four rapid firing medium powered multi lasers.</string>    
    <string name="s44b">The Hushami Claw Fighter is armed similarly to the Tiger Bomber but has less potent rockets and multi lasers.</string>    
    <string name="s52b">The Outlander standard cruiser is armed with 4 long range EMP Cannons that both disrupt and damage enemy vessels.</string>    
    <string name="s51b">The Outlanders weapons are EMP based and disrupt enemy power in addition to doing regular damage. The Capital class cruiser is armed with both an EMP Blaster and 5 EMP Pulse Cannons.</string>    
    <string name="s53b">The Outlander Spike Bomber carries 2 forward mounted EMP lasers as well as rear mounted lasers.</string>    
    <string name="s54b">The Outlander Knife Fighter is armed with 2 light EMP lasers.</string>    

    <string name="geekyinfo1">Tip:You can play your own music. Look in your music folder.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo2">Tip:Experiment with the AI settings before a battle.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo3">Tip:Researching \'Speed\' is useful for both offense and defense.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo4">Tip:It is possible to set your ships to ram other ships - can you figure out how?</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo5">Tip:Sometimes targeting ships behind you is more valuable than those in front.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo6">Tip:Cruisers can be quite vulnerable to coordinated fighters and bombers.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo7">Tip:The dynamics of a battle can change dramatically when fighting smaller fleets.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo8">Tip:Researching \'Economy\' causes ships to be rebuilt faster when destroyed.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo9">Tip:When your fleet is reduced to less than 4 ships you are temporarily safe from attack.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo10">Tip:Some Cruisers are very good at hunting down Fighters and Bombers.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo11">Tip:You can coordinate your fighters and bombers to fly together with the right AI settings.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo12">Tip:Sometimes it is worth attacking while you are not at full strength.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo13">Tip:Just because you can attack does not mean you ought to.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo14">Tip:In a game with more than 2 players patience can be the key to victory.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo15">Tip:You can watch replays from your file browser by clicking on the EP4 files in the replay folders.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo16">Tip:You can take screenshots in battle by pressing the green circle button.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo17">Tip:In battle the central button highlights ships in their faction colours.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo18">Tip:You can pause a battle replay by pressing the play/pause icon in the top left.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo19">Tip:The slider in the battle replay allows you to go back and forwards through the battle.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo20">Tip:Try watching the battle on the big screen if your phone or tablet allows you to (cast/mirror).</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo21">Tip:Make suggestions and get support at contactus@mattiesgames.com.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo22">Tip:You can set your saved screenshots as live wallpaper.</string>
    <string name="geekyinfo23">Tip:Go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine once in a while.</string>
    <string name="devemail">Email Developer At:contactus@mattiesgames.com</string>
    <string name="pleasewait">Please Wait</string>
    <string name="guide">Strategy Guide And Development Blog</string>

    <string name="Ok">OK</string>

    <string name="htxt_research">Choose your fleet\'s research focus.\r\n\r\nSpeed - enhances your ships\' velocity and acceleration.\r\n\r\nFirepower - enhances your ships\' damage output.\r\n\r\nDefense - improves your ships\' armour rating.\r\n\r\nEconomy - rebuilds destroyed ships faster.\r\n\r\nResearch takes time, approximately 48 hours are required for each field to be fully researched.</string>
    <string name="htxt_shipdetail">View your ship\'s characteristics here.\r\n\r\nThis also shows you the visual appearance of this type of ship.\r\n\r\nThere is no other interaction on this screen.</string>
    <string name="htxt_ai">Set your ships\' flight behaviour here.\r\n\r\nPosition the sliders to the right to weight that option more heavily.\r\n\r\n Position the sliders to the left to weight the opposite of that option.\r\n\r\nFor instance - setting Retain Target to the right will mean that this type of ship will stick with its current target for longer while setting it to the left will mean this type of ship will change target more often.\r\n\r\nAnother example, \'Target Larger Vessel\' set to the right means this ship class will favour targeting larger ships, while setting to the left will favour targeting smaller ships.\r\n\r\nThese settings are critical to winning or losing the game against your opponents.\r\nOften a well chosen combination of settings can prove the difference between victory and defeat.</string>
    <string name="htxt_map">Touch an enemy planet to launch an attack against them.\r\n\r\nIf a planet has no ring it means it is currently unable to be attacked.\r\n\r\nAccording to intergalactic rules of warfare, rule 696, no enemy who has less than 4 ships may be attacked. (This is just a balancing rule).\r\n\r\nAfter touching a planet the battle will calculate and the replay will begin.\r\n\r\nNote it does take time to generate the replay and upload to your opponent.\r\n\r\nIn the battle you can pause playback, record screenshots and toggle the faction colours on or off. Enjoy!\r\n\r\nNote - you will need to invite other players if you are playing a 2 or more player game otherwise there will be no enemy planets to attack!</string>
    <string name="htt_research">Research</string>
    <string name="htt_shipdetail">Ship Info</string>
    <string name="htt_ai">Ai Behaviour</string>
    <string name="htt_map">Campaign Map</string>
    <string name="htt_create">Create Game</string>
    <string name="htxt_create">Choose the Single Player option to play a single player game. The other options are multiplayer - you will need to invite friends to play these sessions.\r\n\r\nYou can also choose to fight a quick battle in single player mode.</string>
    <string name="htt_join">Join Game</string>
    <string name="htxt_join">To join a game you will need the game name and password from the friend who invited you to play the game.</string>
    <string name="htt_ingf">Game Menu</string>
    <string name="htxt_ingf">Invite friends to play as opponents.\r\n\r\nView and maintain your fleet\r\n\r\nMaintain your research settings\r\n\r\nWatch and share replays of battles you\'ve fought in.</string>

    <string name="htt_fleet">Fleet Info</string>
    <string name="htxt_fleet">Here you can view at a glance the health of your ships.\r\n\r\nGreen ships are undamaged. Orange ships are damaged and being repaired.\r\n\r\nA countdown timer will display when your ships are due to be repaired.\r\n\r\n\r\nVisit the campaign map to launch attacks (unless a single player game there must be other players in the game)\r\n\r\nView your ship information\r\n\r\nModify your ship\'s AI behaviour settings.</string>
    <string name="htt_invite">Invite</string>
    <string name="htxt_invite">To play a multiplayer (2 or more) game you need other people to join.\r\n\r\nSend them the game name and password shown on this screen for them to join the game.\r\n\r\nYou can do so however you choose, for ease of use the send invite button gives you the choice to do so using whatever method you wish to use.</string>

    <string name="htt_enter">Choose Team</string>
    <string name="htxt_enter">Choose your team and then press Enter Warzone to begin the game.\r\n\r\nIn a 2 or more player game you will need to invite your friends to play.</string>

    <string name="mainhelp">The video on the right demonstrates a sample game session of Star Dancer (Lite edition).\r\n\r\nIt takes you through creation of a new game session, setting a research focus, viewing your ship details, adjusting the AI flight settings for the fighters and launching an attack from the campaign map screen.\r\n\r\n.There are other features not shown on this video but there is detailed help on each screen within the game.\r\n\r\nIf you have any problems don\'t hesitate to contact Matt at contactus@mattiesgames.com\r\n\r\nEnjoy and may your space battles be epic!</string>
    <string name="btn_mainhelp">Help</string>

    <string name="networkunavailable">Network Unavailable or Server Offline Temporarily</string>

    <string name="sd11">The EarthHope capital class cruiser is fitted with both beam weapons and flak cannons along its length to deal with lesser foes.\r\n\r\nThe beam weapons are capable of causing heavy damage to enemy capital and cruisers directly to its front while the flak cannons are capable of defending itself from smaller foes such as enemy fighters and bombers. The EarthHope capital ship is slow moving and not very agile however its flak weapons make up for a lack of agility in combat.\r\n\r\n</string>
    <string name="sd12">The EarthHope basic cruiser is fitted with beam weapons to its front and no other armaments. Therefore it is capable of taking on other capital and cruiser class vessels but has no defence against smaller one manned fighters and bombers.\r\n\r\nThe EarthHope cruiser is extremely deadly in combat against other capital class ships that enter its frontal zone.</string>
    <string name="sd13">The EarthHope Interceptor or Bomber is armed with four rapid firing laser weapons and is a general purpose medium sized attack one manned attack vessel. Its armaments are suited to taking down enemy capital and cruiser class vessels but also for defending itself against smaller attack fighters. The Interceptor\'s agility is not as good as the Strike Fighter but is more than made up for this by its extra armaments.</string>
    <string name="sd14">The EarthHope Strike Fighter is armed with two light rapid firing lasers and is the most manoeuvrable ship in the EarthHope fleet. It lacks sufficient armour to handle a long drawn out sortie but finds a good balance between firepower and agility. The general purpose lasers are suited to all types of combat.</string>
    <string name="sd21">The AioSenti capital class cruiser is fitted with massive beam cannons at its tip and is capable of destroying other capital and cruiser class vessels quite quickly should they cross its path.\r\n\r\nThe AioSenti Capital ship lacks defences against smaller vessels as it has no other weaponry with which to attack.</string>
    <string name="sd22">The AioSenti basic cruiser is fitted with forward facing beam cannons which are capable of destroying other capital ships in short order.\r\n\r\nIt also features two batteries of short ranged burst lasers and very short ranged cluster rockets which can deal heavy damage to any vessel that gets to close to the front of the cruiser.</string>
    <string name="sd23">The AioSenti Hunter/Bomber is armed with a single pair of mini beam cannons. The mini beam cannon is a high powered laser blaster which has a moderate rate of fire and can damage both larger and smaller vessels with ease.\r\n\r\nThe Hunter lacks agility however and is easily outmanoeuvered by smaller vessels.</string>
    <string name="sd24">The AioSenti Scythe Fighter sports two light lasers and is the fleet\'s main defence against light attack vessels. With a high agility the AioSenti Scythe Fighter can dart and weave through the enemy fleet slicing up the enemy in no time at all.</string>
    <string name="sd31">The Mars Colony capital class cruiser has been retrofitted with multiple plasma cannons, beams, and pulse guns.\r\n\r\nThe rate of fire of its weapons is very low however the damage it can cause in a firefight is massive. With all of its weapons towards the front it is vulnerable to smaller craft, especially as its plasma based weapons are prone to overheating and require a significant time to lock on to their target.</string>
    <string name="sd32">The Mars Colony basic cruiser carries the same loadout as the capital ship but with a smaller power core can fire less frequently.\r\n\r\nThe damage output from the weaponry is incredible however with such a low rate of fire it is extremely vulnerable to smaller vessels. Enemy fighters and bombers strike at the achilles heel of Mars Colony cruiser class ships.</string>
    <string name="sd33">The Mars Colony Bomber is also known as a \'Cruiser Killer\' for very good reason. It carries a supply of 100 megaton warheads designed purely to take down larger enemy vessels. However it can only carry a few of these at one time and so has to make every shot count.\r\n\r\nThe Cruiser Killer is also armed with a pair of light plasma cannons to defend itself against lighter vessels. These plasma cannons are low rate of fire but do considerable damage to enemy vessels if they hit.</string>
    <string name="sd34">The Mars Colony Fighter carries plasma weapons - almost unheard of for a ship its size. They output considerable damage but take a long time to warm up and have a risk of overheating. The Mars Fighter is not as agile as other fighters but if it gets a lock on an enemy then it\'s time to say good night.</string>
    <string name="sd41">The Hushami Corp Capital Ship carries experimental weapons and disruptor blasters and is deadly in frontal combat against both large and small vessels.\r\n\r\nThe disruptor weapons drain energy from the target\'s power core and reduce their ability to fight back allowing Hushami\'s smaller craft to move in for the kill.</string>
    <string name="sd42">The Hushami Corp Cruiser carries similar experimental weaponry to the other cruiser class vessel in Hushami\'s fleet. It is deadly in frontal combat to both large and small vessels.\r\n\r\nBecause of its distinct lack of agility it is important to keep foes locked in its frontal zone if possible.</string>
    <string name="sd43">The Hushami Tiger Bomber is quite heavily armed for a smaller vessel. The Hushami ethos is to get in close and deal damage as quickly as possible.\r\n\r\nWith a limited number of burst rockets at its disposal and a pair of short ranged multi lasers the Hushami Bomber aims to eliminate its foes early on in the battle. Should the enemy survive the first salvo the battle will lengthen considerably.</string>
    <string name="sd44">The Hushami Claw Fighter, like its bigger brother the Tiger Bomber, sports burst rockets and multi lasers and as such is extremely deadly on the first pass at short range.\r\n\r\nLacking heavy armour the Claw Fighter will not be able to survive a long drawn out combat however.</string>
    <string name="sd51">The Outlander Capital Class Cruiser carries a primary EMP Beam Cannon which is devastating in attack. Capable of draining enemy power reserves it will reduce enemy cruiser and capitals to a drifting hulk should they attack from the front.\r\n\r\nThe Capital also carries a range of smaller arms for dealing with light vessels however they are restricted to the frontal arc of the cruiser.</string>
    <string name="sd52">The Outlander basic cruiser carries a number of powerful EMP Blasters which are capable of defending itself against both large and small vessels.\r\n\r\nThe cruiser\'s EMP blasters drain enemy power reserves if they should hit reducing the damage output of larger enemy vessels.</string>
    <string name="sd53">The Outlander Spike Bomber carries forward mounted EMP cannons as well as a rear mounted laser which comes in handy when it cannot outmanoeuvre an enemy vessel.\r\n\r\nThe Spike Bomber\'s firepower is considerably high for a small sized vessel.</string>
    <string name="sd54">The Outlander Knife Fighter carries two heavy EMP lasers and has quite a high damage output for a ship its size.\r\n\r\nIt is a very agile fighter and can cut through enemy defences easily.</string>

    <string name="launchattack">Attack</string>
    <string name="btnskirmish">Quick Battle</string>
    <string name="ai1">Target Larger Enemy</string>
    <string name="ai2">Target Enemy At Close Range</string>
    <string name="ai3">Target Enemy At Optimum Range</string>
    <string name="ai4">Retain Target</string>
    <string name="ai5">Target Enemy Dead Ahead</string>
    <string name="ai6">Target Enemy To Our Front</string>
    <string name="ai7">Target Enemy To Our Rear</string>
    <string name="ai8">Target Enemy Targeting Us</string>
    <string name="ai9">Target Lightly Damaged Enemy</string>
    <string name="ai10">Target Severely Damaged Enemy</string>
    <string name="ai11">Target Approaching Enemy</string>
    <string name="ai12">Target Enemy Targeting Our Capital Ship</string>
    <string name="ai13">Target Enemy At Extreme Range</string>
    <string name="ai14">Target Faster Moving Enemy</string>
    <string name="ai15">Target More Agile Enemy</string>
    <string name="ai16">Target Enemy Ace</string>

    <string name="offlinedesc">Pressing attack will launch your fleet into action against a randomly selected opponent.\r\n\r\nThe opponent\'s AI script will improve over time and present a tougher challenge as the game progresses.\r\n\r\nTry out your strategies here before using them against a real human opponent in a multiplayer game.</string>    

    <string name="dev1">Hello. Have you tried playing Star Dancer multiplayer with friends?</string>
    <string name="dev2">G\'day. You seem to like Star Dancer - would you consider rating it on the play store?</string>
    <string name="dev3">Hi there. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying Star Dancer. Hope you manage to try out all the different factions.</string>
    <string name="dev4">Hello again. Have you told your friends about Star Dancer - it\'s a good game isn\'t it?</string>
    <string name="dev5">G\'day once more. Feel free to email me (the developer) to chat about the game.</string>
    <string name="dev6">Did you know you can share battle replays with friends in the campaign?</string>
    <string name="dev7">Did you know you can modify the pilot chatter? Ask me about it.</string>
    <string name="dev8">Did you know you can modify the background music? Ask me about it.</string>
    <string name="dev9">Have you tried a multiplayer game?</string>
    <string name="dev10">I\'d love to hear from you if you enjoy the game - seems like you do.</string>
    <string name="dev11">If you haven\'t already I hope you would rate the game as you obviously enjoy it.</string>
    <string name="dev12">Send feedback to contactus@mattiesgames.com - I\'m keen to hear from you.</string>
    <string name="dev13">Thanks for playing Star Dancer - I\'m so glad you enjoy it.</string>
    <string name="dev14">Remember, the force will be with you always.</string>